Thursday, August 16, 2007

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I hate writing titles for the blog. I can never come up with anything witty, so I usually just write about what I'm going to write about. What's the topic today? Nothing special, I suppose; just a recap of stuff since I last wrote.

Biggest thing that happened is that me and the family took a little 3 day vacation to Mt. Rainier. I hadn't been there in a looong time and we took Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of this week to go there. I took many pictures and put some of the best ones here. We had a great time driving up and down the mountain, eating lots of food at the Copper Creek Inn and seeing beautiful sights. To have Mt. Rainier 1.5 hours away is a pretty cool thing.

On the musical side, Sean was finally to nail Jonathan down for some studio time. We'll be going in on 8/26 for me to lay down about 12 bass tracks. Sean sent me some ideas for a great song of his, Only You, as I was having a hard time coming up with a tasty line under the verses. He came up with a great octave type line and I incorporated it into the other ideas I'd had previously. I'm pretty happy with the ideas and I think he is too. Now I just have to nail down what I'm going to do so we're not wasting time in the studio coming up with stuff. Also, my new bass simply CRUSHES when recorded. If it sounds this good to me through my little mixer into my computer's sound card, I can only imagine how good it will sound (and hopefully Sean likes it too, 'cause he's really leaning towards a Sterling bass on the recording) recorded by a Real Live Engineer!

What the hell else is going on? Well, Julie is back at work now. After two months of recovery at her house after breaking her ankle in 3 places, she's back on a consistent basis. And it is good to have her back. She's the Bad Cop to my Good Cop (or Wussy Cop, if you will!). Plus she has some brains to back it up. Me? I'm just making things up as I go...

Riley has his 3rd birthday party tomorrow. When we asked him what kind of party he wanted, instead of asking for a Cars or Transformers or Finding Nemo or Bob the Builder party, he asked for a Monkey party. Now, what the hell is that? I have no idea. Marci, on the other hand, went nuts. Or, more appropriately, bananas. :)

Anyway, she made about 20 cupcakes that look like monkeys, made a cake with Curious George bursting out of it, found a giant-ass inflatable monkey (which is now shoved in her passenger side seat in the car; looks funny!), and basically decked things out with all things simian. The party will be at our local swim club (of which I have not worked out at for several weeks. For shame) and all the cool kids will be there. Hopefully it doesn't rain. :crosses fingers:

Oh. Found out today that my dad was going in for a colonoscopy today. Huh, wha? This is news to me. My aunt told me today at work that he'd had some "issues pooping" and thought it'd be prudent to get 'scoped. Evidently I was the last to know. It's kind of important as Dad went through chemo for cancer about 3 years ago. He had non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and went through about 4-5 weeks of chemo. Lost the hair and everything, but came back and was healthier than he'd ever been, I think.

Anyway, I guess my brother and his wife were at my parents' house last week and (TMI ALERT ABOUT POOP! WATCH OUT) Dad was on the can, constipated. Apparently he'd been plugged up for some time and because of that, was also vomiting as he was trying to poop. Yikes. (My brother has two dogs and he says that one of them will also puke when constipated. Ugh.)

Needless to say, my bro tried to get Dad to the ER, but, of course, he refused (stubborn old man). Anyway, Knight called one of his many Dr. friends, who recommended some Maalox. So Knight & Shannon ran to get some and as they were at the store, Dad was able to relieve himself. Anyway, fast forward to today and he had his colon checked. Initial thought is that there is some sort of blockage or tumor there, but they won't know if it's cancer or not for a few days.

Let's hope it's not fucking cancer again.

Funny thing was, when Dad had the NHL a few years ago, he was so laid back about it that that's how I handled it. Not once did I worry for his well-being or health. I figured he'd be fine, and, thankfully, he was. This time around, even though we're not sure of anything yet, it's a bit freaky for me. Maybe part of it is because I've been reading a journal by a local reporter about a local little girl dying/suffering from a form of cancer (intense blog here). It's pretty emotional and intimate and is a very touching story. She's in very bad shape and they're praying for a miracle, but who knows what will happen.

So for Dad to be potentially sick again is a bit unsettling for me. They've finally retired (Mom and Dad, that is) and are really, really enjoying their free time. They're traveling or at one of the many local casinos, supporting the local Native American tribes. I know Dad is still taking the, "What, me worry?" angle of attack, but still, it worries me.

Well, this was a backwards blog. I write about some trivial stuff, then, KERPOW! Cancer? Bad meat? Who knows?

Love your parents!

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