Monday, August 27, 2007

Recording at London Bridge

Way back in March, Sean sent me some of his scratch tracks for new songs. They were his vocals and guitar for the most part, though some did have bass on them. Over the next few months, I ended up getting a total of 12 songs. I spent a lot of time working on parts, recording them into the computer, and sending them to Sean for feedback. For the most part, everything worked out really well. All that prep work led us to London Bridge yesterday.

London Bridge is a recording studio in North Seattle (or Edmonds, if you prefer) where some pretty well known bands have recorded. Pearl Jam, 3 Doors Down, Default and, everyone's favorite, Nickelback, have all done time there. Sean chose LB because of his history with Jonathan Plum, who helped record the IPO record, as well as Tangents, I think.

Anyway, me and Jonathan also have some history. Way back in high school, when I was a sophomore and he was a junior, I did some recording with him. Jonathan had a 4 track (I think) and I was pretty much the only (hate to say it) capable bassist in the school. This meant I got all the "gigs" and things like that. I remember lugging my Peavey Basic 40 (still own it) bass amp to Jon's house (which is down the street from where I live now) and setting it up in his walk-in closet.

I recorded 2 or 3 songs for a mutual friend, the school's guitar virtuoso, Andre Maguire. I recall one was called "Marsupials" and that's about it.

Over the years, I'd heard Jon had "made it" in the biz, which really meant that he got jobs recording bands. My old band, Ethyl, also worked with Jon in 01, when we did our 6 song EP.

So yesterday, I hauled 3 basses up to London Bridge at 11 and we got to work about 12 or so, after setting up.

Long story short, we averaged about a song an hour. I didn't finish until about 11pm, though we did take an hour or so for lunch, plus some breaks here and there. I had one "one take" (played the entire track w/o punching in or redos) on a song called Olive Branch. The other 11 songs were not "one takes", but many were 3 to 5 takes. Most of the others were of the "play through and go back and redo all the mistakes".

Ah, the beauty of ProTools!

I played the SB-2 on 9 songs, my Sterling on one, Sean's Sterling on one, and the studios old-ass Danelectro on one. All the basses had killer tone and much of that was due to Jonathan's Ampeg SVT-3 amp. Maybe I should start looking into one???

With any luck, we'll have the songs ready to go on a CD before the end of the year. But, Sean still needs to do lead vocals, the 3 of us need to do some harmony vocals, Chris needs to do lead guitar stuff, and so on. So, keep your fingers crossed.

Up next: IPO at the Sunset tonight! Then, my Music Weekend is done!

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