Monday, August 06, 2007

More bass stuff

I took the new bass to Mike Lull the other day for a setup job. He oiled the neck and dressed the frets. He put in a new input jack and lubed up the knobs. I got it back Saturday and played it and it was good. The true test would come tonight at rehearsal through my rig.

I got down to T-town and we fired up on a new song, one of Sean's called Sugar, which will make its grand debut this Friday. And the clouds parted and the birds sang and the cool breeze blew as my new G&L bass BLEW MY MIND.

I had the bass going into my SansAmp and no EQ on the amp and the bass was all bottom with crispy highs and tons of growl. I may need to dial the overdrive back on the SansAmp, but, man did I dig the sound. I'm going to pull my rig out of the car sometime this week and further tweak the sound, but I am very happy with what I heard.

So we've also been working on some new stuff with the Lunds. Kind of cool. I get a recording sent to me, I learn the part, then come Mondays, we go and crush it.

Well, crushing it is putting it a little strong, but it is a fantastic way to learn new music. No beating around the bush trying to teach each other parts, for the most part. We just count off and go.

Next show, we'll hopefully be able to bust out one of Chris' new songs. We could probably do it this Friday, but, in all honesty, it's too close and we're just not tight enough yet. It's tight for the 10 or so times we've played it together, but, in this case, we'd want to crush it.

Either way, the people who come see us Friday should get a kick out of the new song (and the new bass!).

Nighty night.