Sunday, January 27, 2008

HDTV: Where have you been all my life?

This thing is amazing. I got it out of the box Tuesday night and, with the help of a friend, set it up. Initially I wasn't too impressed, but then, I had just hooked it up and hadn't tweaked anything yet. Plus, I was a bit overwhelmed what with the new cable boxes and stuff. But it definitely was an improvement from SDTV.

Over the next few days, I spent a lot of time plugging and replugging cables and components, learning a lot about the TV online, and adjusting and tweaking settings. After doing that, it all came to fruition over the past few days. First off, I got my 360 plugged into the TV via component, with the audio going directly to the AV receiver. I set the 360 up to 1080p and, voila! Instant amazement! I tweaked a bit more and, I must say, I am completely satisfied with the results. My camera is dead, but here's a picture I snapped the other night:

I set it up for the HD signal as well, via HDMI, with the audio going to the AV receiver. Here's a shot from our poor Sonics the other night:

I played around last night with the On Demand stuff from Comcast and I'm pretty amazed. I've been watching a lot of the HD music shows. Checked out SNL last night. Even watched half of Field of Dreams in HD before falling asleep. The picture I'm getting from everything is freakin' amazing!

Sadly, my DVD player is a simple $49 Toshiba. It doesn't even have optical out, only coaxial! It is functional and now, it's merely a stop-gap until I can save up the $$ for a BluRay player. I did watch some Raiders of the Lost Ark today and, after tweaking, it looked pretty good as well. It makes me wonder what an upconverting DVD player would make it look like, but since the BR players do that anyway, buying one anytime soon won't happen.

I'm also wondering if maybe a PS3 is in the cards. After all, it IS a BR player, as well as a gaming machine. Don't know how I'd slip that past Marci though, what with the Wii and 360 taking up shelf space downstairs.

Anyway, this set up is fantastic. All I need now is a universal remote to control it. As luck would have it, my Logitech rep called the other day and I proceeded to ask him about Harmony remotes. I already have one, but that one has been gifted to Marci for her new 32" HDTV upstairs. So I've been using 5 remotes the past few days. Anyway, the Logitech rep was kind enough to send me a Logitech Harmony remote for the Xbox 360 to "demo". In other words, I get to keep it and all I have to do is sing Harmony's praises. If you go back far enough, you can see that I did sing Harmony's praises way back in 05.

I'll try to post more pictures of the bad boy later. All I can say now is I am glad to be in the HD community and look forward to spending lots of time with Sammy (the Samsung).