Thursday, January 10, 2008

Let's Blog!

So we're 10 days into the new year and I haven't blogged. And I hate it when people start sentences with the word "so". Unless it's necessary.

I digress.

New Year's came and went without a hitch. I actually fell asleep at about 11:50 or so and missed the big changeover. Big whoop, right?

It was nice having two 3 day weeks to end the year, even though my in-laws were with us. I think it went pretty well with them, actually. Contrary to popular belief, I get along pretty well with them, especially my father-in-law. I can handle my MIL, but only in small doses. She is a special lady, that's for sure.

Marci's new car, of course, didn't come with an AUX input for the radio, so we are unable to plug in her mp3 player to listen to tunes. No problem, right? Just buy a cable, plug, something to add the jack. I researched. I read. She bought a dreaded FM modulator and we promptly returned that sucker.

I ended up buying an FM modulator as well, only this one transmits directly to the radio through its antenna. Plus, it was cheap, and it apparently wasn't too difficult to install. In hindsight, I should have spent a few extra bucks as the solution I purchased has been a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME!

In reading the reviews of this device at Crutchfield, it seemed that it would be a totally easy install. Tap into the stereo's antenna, find a power source from the radio harness, ground the sucker, voila! Instant connection. Yeah, right.

First off, it took me some time to figure out how to tear open the dash. After a few trips to Google for research, I was able to find out how to get the dash open (remove bezel around gauge cluster, remove trim next to that, remove bezel to radio, remove radio). Once I got it open and the radio unplugged, I realized that I needed cable adapters for the modulator. Great! I put the car back together and took the rest of the night off.

The next day I hit Fry's and found the 2 cables I needed. I also bought some tap-in connectors (which turned out to be incorrect, dammit!), so, even though I was able to plug in the cables, I couldn't tap into power.

Which led me to the next day, when I hit Radio Shack to buy some different connectors, as well as a multimeter to measure voltage from the radio harness. So (see? Here's a good place for a "so") I took everything home, and after dinner, proceeded to take the car apart again. I tapped into the power and ground, hooked up the modulator, plugged in the mp3 player and hit play. And then?

Nothing. But. Static.

I was so mad. At this point, I didn't know if I hooked something wrong (completely possible) or if I had a defective part (impossible to tell). I called a buddy tonight to see if he could help, so we're going to try to hook up on Sunday to do some testing.

Wasn't this an interesting post?