Thursday, January 10, 2008

Other stuff

Music: nothing is happening. Sean is out with a recuperating toe (he had surgery a few weeks ago), so I'm left with listening to a recording I made of LB practice a few weeks ago. It's been great for learning the songs, but it makes me want to play that much more. Hopefully Sean is back so we can hook up soon. In the meantime, I've been in touch with some other bands trying to hook up some shows. So much fun.

Home: the kids are alright. Haley has been kind of a butthead lately. She's had these horrible moodswings where she goes from sweet little Hay to COMPLETE RAGING BITCH. It's kind of annoying. We're pretty sure it's because she's hungry, but she just goes bananas. Even when we tell her to eat, or give her food, usually by that point, it's game over, man. She's sobbing, irate, screaming, just plain nuts.

Poor Riley just stays cool and does his thing. He and I have been getting along great lately. He's listening and doing what I ask and generally just being a cool dude. He still can be a pain in the ass at bedtime, but, even that's not too bad, considering the alternative.

Marci has been One Hot Mama lately. I find myself looking forward to every morning so I can see her and what she's wearing. It's a treat. She's been super busy with the kids and the house and taking care of everything. We got a chance to go out last Friday on a date (what's that?) and saw a movie and went to happy hour at Manzana. That was a good time. I'd love to do that more often, but finding babysitters can be a pain.

Misc: playing too many video games. I guess it's ok, though, with the writer's strike and all. No The Office. No, well, that's it. I guess that's all I watch. Luckily, Friday Night Lights has about 5 more episodes left before they call it a season. BTW, if you're not watching FNL, you're dead to me.

Happy new year and stuff. I'm heading out.