Monday, April 30, 2007

Last night at the Rendezvous

All in all? Not a bad night.

I went in expecting the worst. This show had several strikes against it before we even set foot on stage. First was that it was on a Sunday night. We've had many Sunday shows recently, but this one was definitely the latest, starting at 10:00pm. Second strike was that it was a gig at the Rendezvous. For whatever reason, we simply do not draw there. Don't know if it's the venue or the band, but every time we've played there, we have not had good luck. I personally like the club, though I'm not a huge fan of being held hostage for $75 right at the get go. Third strike was that when I booked the show, I forgot that Marci would be out of town, hence making me have to find a babysitter to just be in my house as the kids slept. Luckily, our friend Erin stepped up to the plate and came over for a couple hour nap. Thanks Erin!

Anyway, we played the same set we played last week. We debuted a song live for the first time, Sean's "Protest Song". The boys are quite liberal in their stances, but I digress. Overall I think we played quite well, though Chris seemed to be having some vocal issues; he sounded a little stuffy even before taking the stage.

The Rendezvous is an ok club. They have a PA for vocals and kick drum only, and, evidently just added a drum monitor at the rear of the stage (a welcome touch). When you're onstage there, it's tough to see the people in the crowd (or lack thereof) as there are lights shining directly in your eyes. When there are a lot of people there, it can be quite fun as the people will stand right at the edge of the stage. Last night? Not so much. But we did have a good number of folks show up.

I stayed later than I should have, considering Erin was stuck here, but I watched the entirety of Llama's set. It was cool to see them after having their CD for some time now as I knew many of the songs they played. They also played some new songs they've just recorded and they were quite cool. Rusty isn't a shredder on guitar, but he did solo a bit and it was really great.

I didn't get to catch Saccharine as it was 12:00am and I was about to turn into a pumpkin. Hopefully a few people stayed for their show and hopefully at least $75 was made at the door.

Next up: Cinco de Mayo at the Skylark. Stay tuned!