Sunday, April 01, 2007

Obligatory Birthday List Post

Ah. Here it is. My 05 birthday list post. Don't know if I did one in 06. Lemme check. Hang on pls... Ok. Im back. No 06 post.

So this year, what do I want? Here goes, once again, in no particular order.
  1. Component cables for the Wii.
  2. HDTV, of the 40" or greater variety. I hear Costco has a bitchin' return policy.
  3. While we're on the subject of massive geekery, I've always been a sucker for video baseball games. (MLB The Show 07 for PS2, if you're lazy)
  4. the remastered Boston CDs (Boston and Don't Look Back).
  5. Rush tickets.
  6. Some spring/summer shirts that are cool and not dorky.
  7. Limited edition Rush Snakes & Arrows CD/DVD.
  8. Infinity FX45. Since cars are cool, why not? Plus, the GTi is getting a bit too cozy for the family. BTW, make mine Diamond Graphite plz. KTHXBYE.
Off topic: holy shit. Myspace is going crazy. I've had about 10 emails in the past hour of new friends and seXXXy messages! Go me!

Back on topic. Not really. That's it for now. Surely I can think of more and surely I will need more as I'm sure you all will be sending me those gifts and more.