Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Haley is on a hunger strike

A few weeks ago, Haley told us that she was no longer eating meat. We weren't sure what the deal was, but, whatever. Marci has been vegan before, and now is a modified vegetarian (no red meat, will eat chicken and fish). We played along and figured Haley would come to her senses soon enough.

Fast forward a few weeks and it's still the same. Now, Haley has always been the type who would crash 'n' burn if she was hungry. Subtract out any protein (meat, etc), and the mood swings have been epic.

She ate ok last night. We had homemade spaghetti-os with optional meatalls. Naturally she ate the noodles and no meatballs.

Today she had a pretty good day, mood-wise. But at dinner, Marci made chicken, steamed broccoli, sliced potatoes, with gravy and cheese sauce. We figured we could talk Haley into eating some chicken but she declined. So Marci made her a faux chicken patty (made of soy, I think), and she wouldn't eat that either. She barely ate her broccoli and her potatoes and now she's upset and inconsolable.

Marci and I are perplexed. Haley was always a good eater. She loved to munch on steak when we had it. She loved turkey burgers. Now she won't even eat yogurt in the mornings. It's quite frustrating.

We've taken her to the dr. and the dr. didn't seem too phased about it. I think she thought it was a phase and Haley would come out of it.

I had a chat with Haley yesterday and she said things taste funny, or they hurt her teeth, or her brain doesn't work, or she's tired. She has an excuse for everything. Then, when she's hungry, she gets completely rude and unreasonable. We just ask her to try, but she says she can't. Then she mouths off and is just unbearable.

Right now she's hysterical and trying to calm down. Then she'll ask for something to eat and now she's screaming again. I just took her to her room and she's saying how "Mommy and Daddy just don't want me anymore" and how we don't love her.

What's most frustrating is that she KNOWS what she needs to do. Too tired? Take a nap! She refuses. She's hungry? Try eating! No thanks.

It's insane and ridiculous and we don't know what to do. Child psychologist? Nutritionist? Eating boot camp?