Monday, March 31, 2008

Saturday night at the High Dive

I saw that the Young Sportsmen were playing Saturday at the High Dive in Fremont so I made last minute plans with David from the Scheme to go see them. Over the past year or so, Lund Bros. has played one or 2 shows with the YS and I've personally gone to see them a few times as well.

Each time I've seen the YS, I've been blown away by their live show. It's not like their shredders or anything (though Ryan on guitar is quite adept), but they are cohesive and SUPERTIGHT. Not Super Tight, but SUPERTIGHT. They will blow your ears out with loudness, but smooth things out with killer melodies. Here's a blow by blow breakdown.

L to R: Richard, Wesley, Jeff (hidden), Ryan
Picture taken at the Sunset 04/07

Richard on bass plays lefty. He has a killer natural sunburst P and he uses a pick. His lines are straightforward and quite nimble at the same time. He doesn't over play and if I used a pick, I'd want to play like him. He's solid. He's tall, and he's short of hair. He sings backing vox and just looks cool playing the bass. He's got a little Mike Dirnt to him; stoic, but rockin'.

Jeff hits the drums harder than possibly any drummer in Seattle. The past two times I've seen him, he's back there in a shirt and tie, plus a sweater vest, kind of rockin' an indie Mr. Rogers look, only, instead of saying, "won't you be my neighbor?", he's saying, "come here and let me pound my f*ckin' drums for you." Seriously. Jeff beats the shit out of his drums, yet he looks so nice and friendly behind the kit. Watching him play is a joy.

Ryan plays lead guitar. He's diminutive and very intense. I watched him quite intently the other night. For the most part, he stays rooted to one spot, but during one solo, I thought I caught him going crosseyed at one point. He sings a little too, and he and his little red Tele are very good.

Wesley sings and plays guitar. He's the energy guy. Think of Dave Grohl without the gum, screaming and long hair and you kind of have Wesley. I think Wesley might also be the nicest guy in any club he's in that night. He's warm, kind and I think I love him. Er, I mean, he's super friendly. He sings with conviction and melody and is engaging to watch on stage. He is natural between songs and I don't believe he ever misses a note.

So, as you can tell, I've got a little chubby for the YS. Not only are they a fantastic band, but they're all super nice guys too.

Anyway, they were in superb form the other night. I missed a few songs at the beginning of the set due to the UNEXPECTED BLIZZARD EVENT. I mean, WTF was that? But the songs I heard, both off their last CD, Death to Palaces, and from their new, unreleased CD, were superduper. One thing I noticed, though, was that their new songs seemed to be strangely lacking backing vocals. As I found out later that night, the boys are still working out the live vocal arrangements so, when I see them next, the sound should be more fleshed out.

Speaking of the next time the YS play, well, they've asked the Lunds to play with them. That will be quite cool. They have invited about 4 to 5 of their favorite Seattle bands to all play 3-4 songs each, and then they'll play their new stuff for all to enjoy. That's going down in May and I can't wait for that. Keep an eye out on Myspace for more details.

The other bands at the High Dive were cool, but, for me, it was all about seeing the YS, then chatting them up afterwards. They love the Lunds and I think it's cool that, after 10+ years of gigging for Yours Truly, a band I'm in is starting to get some juice (drips and drops, more like). It was cool for me personally to show up at the club and have other guys in other bands (Jess from Sugarcaine Mutiny, Nick and Heather Riffbroker, Eric from I Love Myselfs, and the YS guys) come up and say hi and ask about the Lunds. All this for a guy that usually sits by himself at a show. I think I'm shedding a tear!

I've got some feelers out for more shows, but with the Lund Injury Time-Out in full effect, we'll see what happens. Clubs are booking up for spring and summer, so we need to get our rears in gear. I'll keep you posted.