Saturday, March 29, 2008

Radiohead? And way late thoughts.

I am enjoying some Radiohead right now. I think I'm mature enough to get them? Or is it simply because I'm listening to The Bends and it's accessible? What a cool ass record. We'll see how I feel about them after Kid A or OK Computer or something like that.

Haley performed in her first play tonight. She's been having rehearsals for a few weeks. She was a jellyfish in the ocean for Pinocchio. It was super cute watching her dance on stage. She was so excited afterwards! The play itself wasn't bad either. It was pretty entertaining and intricate. I was impressed by the kids devotion to the play, their singing and acting. It's too bad the music teacher (on guitar) and the senior citizen on keyboards were SO LOUSY that they were throwing the kids off.

I just realized today that if Lund Bros. wants to play in some festivals this year that we'd better get our rears in gear and send out applications. I put out a few feelers late in the day so hopefully sometime next week I can start some corresponding.

Snow at the end of March? WTF?

12:34. Make a wish!