Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tonight's rehearsal

I got together with Gregg and David again tonight. We spent 2 hours on about 4 songs, really working out harmony parts. That was fun for me. I spent the past few days really listening to David's songs, and figuring out what parts I might be singing. All the practice did me some good as the singing was good tonight. Now I just gotta work out my bass parts.

The recordings David has from his CD have super bass playing on them. The guys who played the parts really did some fantastic work and I'll be working on cribbing some of the better parts. Singing over them, however, will make things interesting.

We'll be practicing on Thursdays starting next week, so I have a while before we play again. David wants to add a second guitarist, but we'll keep working on what we have and, with any luck, we'll be show ready by mid-summer?