Friday, March 14, 2008

Last night at the Swiss

In a word? Horrible!

We were asked by our friends in the Sugarcane Mutiny to play a show with them at the Swiss in Tacoma. The bad was that it was on a Thursday, but the good was that it was in Tacoma and we usually get a few of the Bros. friends/family to come out. Rounding out the bill was a band from Olympia called the Hard Way, featuring a guy named Scott that I used to know from way back in the Ethyl days.

Anyway, I got there about 7:30 and loaded in. The Swiss is the oldest club in Tacoma, or something like that. I forget what the signs said. But the place was HUGE. One side was the bar and dining area. The middle was the stage and HUGE watching area/eating area. The other side was the HUGE mini-bar and billiards room. So, when you get three HUGE places together you have a lot of space. Sadly, we didn't have a HUGE amount of people. But, when your expectations are low, the disappointment isn't as much anymore, right?

I met a few of Sean's friends, as well as a few members of the other bands. We got to chatting about other musical experiences and I must've jinxed our gig because I mentioned how we never play poorly, but will have bad gig experiences from time to time. Well, last night, to a man, we played poorly.

We got on the Swiss' huge stage, complete with lights (hot ass lights!) and rotating light-shape show. The sound was a little suspect, though, but we weren't sure if it was due to the soundguy or the fact that the stage room was BUILT OF BRICKS AND GLASS. Plus, the main speakers hanging in the corners of the room were angled in, which made for a really direct sweet spot, so, if you weren't in said spot, everything sounded muddy and garbled.

So we started playing and for the first 1/2 of the song, I felt pretty good. Then, sometime in the second verse, the mistakes started happening. I won't name names, but let's just say we were all a bit out of it. I was hitting wrong notes (even on songs I practiced the night before!), we were forgetting to sing parts, we were missing entrances in the middle of songs. Ugh.

This crap continued throughout the night. I think of all our 12 songs or so, there was maybe one or two that were worth hearing again. Otherwise, forget it all.

Luckily, where we stunk up the joint, Jess' band the Sugarcane Mutiny got on stage and did quite well. They were solid, if not flashy, and played a long set of good ol' rock and roll.

I left shortly before the end of SM's set as I had to work today, so, regrettably I missed the Hard Way's set. But, if it was anything like Scott's old band the Splinters, it would've been an energetic and melodic show.

Overall, I guess if this is the first lousy performance we've had, then we've had a pretty good run. We were able to laugh about it afterwards, and even on stage, but we don't ever want that to happen again.

For now, we're gonna take about a month off. Chris and Sean both have some aches and pains that need rest, so rest is what they're going to do. I, knock on wood, am the epitome of stellar health and will be rushing headlong into rehearsals with the Scheme starting next week. We will see how that goes; I haven't played with them since August, I think. David wants to keep things going and I may as well since I'll have some Lunds down time.

Next up: Scheme rehearsal!