Sunday, March 09, 2008

Last night at the Skylark

Our last gig was on December 14th at the Skylark. Since then, we rehearsed 3 times. I set up a gig for last night back at the Skylark and here's the recap.

I showed up at the Skylark and loaded in. I ran into Scott Sutherland of Doll Test (and Llama and the Riffbrokers and many other bands), who was sporting a snazzy red shirt under a sport coat. I almost didn't recognize him because he'd lost a lot of weight since last I saw him in December.

I made the rounds, saw Nick from the aforementioned Riffbrokers, his wife Heather (who plays bass in several bands, as well as the I Love Myselfs, who were to open the show), Eric from the ILMs, and many many more. Sean was there and I helped him load in as he's got a bad toe and is limited in what he can do.

(L to R) Eric, Jason (obscured), Heather of the I Love Myselfs

Anyway, the show got underway with the ILMs first. It was Eric on guitar and vocals, Heather on bass and Jason (who plays bass with the Small Change) on drums. They had a real garage-y, indie rock thing going. It was quite entertaining. Eric has this big guy, bald head, goatee thing going on. Looks menacing, but he's a very sweet guy. He has great stage presence as well; he and his black SG looked great on stage and moved like a rock star. They did a couple of covers, which the Seafair pirates in attendance seemed to love. They were fun and we will probably hook up with them again in the near future.

We got up there next and ripped through our set. I felt good getting up there because I'd set up my amp earlier in the day at home and dialed in some good tones. Trouble was, I didn't practice all of the songs and on the opener, Sean's "Empty Room", I hit a couple of turds.

I was hoping that I wouldn't experience any "leg fatigue" on stage since I've been such a work-out fiend lately. I didn't experience any, but I don't know if it's because of the working out or not. So my legs felt fine, but my fingers were a little slow. Plus, no callouses due to lack of playing and, a few songs into the set, my fingers were throbbing. Luckily, I manned up and played through the pain.

So overall, from 1 to 10, I think we got a 7 or so. Each of us had some patches of imperfection, but for the lack of practices, it wasn't too bad. People seemed to enjoy it quite a bit and really let us know at the end of the night with some kind words.

(L to R) Nick, Graham, Scott of Doll Test

Next up was Scott's band, the Doll Test. They had this jangly, rock, singer/songwriter style thing going on. I liked it a lot. Scott is also quite the frontman, which I was surprised about because in the other bands I've seen him in, he hasn't been the focus. His songs were like little stories and they were told with a great sense of humor. Especially good was a song about his future self. Not sure of the title, but it was really well done.

I got to talk to DT's bassist, Boyd, after the show, who is a dead ringer for Chris Daughtry, only without the "badass" attitude. He was a nice guy and we swapped kid stories (he had a kid 6 months ago) and were like anti-rock musicians.

After the show, it was superb mingling with Ryan and Wesley from the Young Sportsmen, as well as Scott and his friend John. We got lots of props from the other bands and people in the crowd. Everyone wants to hook up again, but we're gonna take a break for a bit to take care of some medical issues in the band.

It was great to get back on the horse. We are on it again on Thursday in Tacoma at the Swiss. See you then.