Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Last night at Scheme rehearsal

For the first time since the Grasshopper/Her Majesty's Secret Service days (way back in 96?), I had band practice in the friendly confines of the Eastside. Good ol' Bellevue. I made the 15 minute jaunt over to the Bel-Red corridor and met David and Gregg at Evolution Studios, a place where bands rent furnished spaces by the hour.

That was cool. I have a feeling that the owners of the place print their own money. For a Tuesday night, the place was packed. Hard to find parking and tons of Soundgarden-y rock, but once we got in the room, it was great. The room itself was quite large, with enough room for a 5 piece band, easily.

They had a Marshall JCM900 4x10 in one corner, a small Mapex drum kit, and an Ampeg something on a 4x10. There was one more guitar rig, but we didn't use it. Also a full PA, as well as a couch. Quite comfy. The room, that is. The couch sucked.

We plugged in and ran through some of David's songs. Keeping in mind that we hadn't played together since late August/early Sept., I think it went pretty well. Altogether, we did about 6 or 7 songs and there's definitely something there. David's songs are super catchy and almost in the singer/songwriter vein, though a bit more rock oriented. He's a competent singer and guitarist and has lots of experience doing both. Gregg is a very solid drummer. He's laid back and plays really tastefully. I guess he was in a rock band years ago that got on a label or something, but didn't get beyond that.

Since the Lunds are down for now, we should have a few weeks to rehearse and see how things go. David wants to add a second guitarist, which would really flesh out the sound. For now, I will be singing a lot more than I am currently with the Bros, which will be a cool challenge.

Check out the Scheme here: obligatory Myspace link