Monday, May 09, 2016

Bubble tea

Bubble tea is an obsession I share with Haley. Marci and Riley like it ok, but Hay and I are always looking for excuses to get some bubble tea.

Haley: It's Tuesday!
Me: I guess that means bubble tea!

Haley: I had band today and Mr. B wants me to try out for All-City.
Me: I guess that means bubble tea!

Marci: Dinner!
Me and Haley: We guess that means bubble tea!

So for Hay's birthday last month, I thought it would be cool to get her some goodies to make bubble tea at home! I visited Seafood City at Southcenter and there were some packets where you just add water and, poof! Instant bubble tea!

Well, I thought that's all you needed. Turns out, you need to buy the bubbles separately.

Anyway, after getting all the supplies, Haley made me some one afternoon. The mix I bought was black tea and though I liked it, she didn't like the "caffeine" taste to it (caffeine has a taste??). But she was happy to boil a cup of bubbles and mix them into a fruit smoothie.

Also, did you know that one cup of bubbles will supply about 2.5 beverages? Either that, or we need to figure out the perfect recipe ratio for bubbles to drinks.

Yesterday we went to a local Asian market, over next to Goodwill in the Overlake area. I actually think it's called Local Asian Market, but I could be wrong. There are fewer places where I can feel Most Asian or Least Asian than a local Asian market. I can't read a dang thing on the signs or posters, but I can flirt with the elderly check-out ladies in their native tongue. I think it throws them for a loop.

I walk in with my white woman and my mixed kids and then start dropping Mandarin dimes all over the place. The check-out ladies are almost always impressed with the broken Chinese coming from my mouth.

Once we got home, Hay got to work. She boiled up some boba and drizzled honey all over them (evidently you do that, or the boba just taste like nothing), which I didn't know and once she told me, it made all sorts of sense because, you know, they sort of do taste like honey!

After our 2 beverages, we had a scoop or two of boba left over. We ended up putting them in the fridge and figured we'd use them in later days.

I ended up using them just now. Though tasty, their bouncy texture was gone and the experience wasn't as satisfying as I would have liked. However, I chalk it up to a lesson learned.

Pro tip: don't save the boba. Use it all! It's just better that way.