Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Talking about hair

I've been growing my hair out for awhile now. That's not to say I haven't gotten it cut; I get a trim every now and then.

These days, it's pretty long. I haven't measured it, but it nearly hits the middle of my back if I pull it straight. I usually wear it in a ponytail or some sort of bun.

I've always been fascinated with how people can put their hair up so effortlessly. I mean, I can do it too, but it never looks how I want it. Even Haley just twists, tucks and POOF! Perfect bun. The girls at my work, too. They do the same thing and their hair always looks good.

Me? It's hit or miss.

Laurel sent me a link to a video of a woman doing 6 different types of buns. All of them look awesome (though quite girly; I might be able to pull off one of them), and the model makes it look SO EASY.

I just tried twice and it looks like a small bird has made a home on top of my head.

Maybe tomorrow will help. I have a haircut scheduled. I'm planning on having Michele layer it, and probably more importantly, trim my awful sideburns. Ugh.

I'm hoping the layering will allow me to wear my hair down from time to time. Currently, if I do that, it's all one length and looks weird.

What I refuse to become is the guy with the long hair simply for the sake of having long hair. There's a dad in Riley's old boy scout troop who had hair to his waist. He always carried a DSLR around shooting pictures of his sons and the troop. He had no business having hair that long. It was like having a giant spoiler on the back of a Toyota Prius. Totally uncalled for and unnecessary.

I don't want to be that guy. I'm always asking for validation and I think people aren't just telling me what I want to hear.