Monday, May 02, 2016

Cereal: is there a more perfect food?

You know what I love about cereal? It's the perfect anytime food.

Breakfast? Cereal, please.

What about lunch? I suppose you could have cereal.

Dinner? Ok, maybe not cereal, but it could be done.

Late night snack? YES PLEASE.

I think I may have gotten this habit from my brother-in-law. Only he has the metabolism to eat a bowl of bran flakes, as well as possibly a turkey leg and a few beers before bed and not gain an ounce. Me? I have about a bowl (sometimes 2, if I'm feelin' frisky!) and I call it a night.

I suppose I could do without. My spare innertube is not going anywhere anytime soon. But something about a bowl of cereal late night just appeals to me. Tonight's choice was Honey Smacks. I love 'em. Marci hates 'em. Evidently they give me bad breath.

I'm a big fan of Honey Bunches of Oats, too. Fill a bowl, pour in the milk, and then drizzle honey all over the top of it. DOUBLE HONEY! Genius!

Time to go brush my teeth.