Monday, May 16, 2016

Concussions: they run in the family!

Riley fell down in PE last week and came home complaining of a headache. Fast forward to Saturday and Marci's Mother's Intuition and a trip to the doctor and the official diagnosis was a mild concussion.

I guess in flag football or capture the flag or simple flag raising ceremony, Riley got bumped, fell down and somehow knocked his head on the ground. I, of course, see this as a teaching moment and told him when he falls, to tuck and roll, not simply land on his head.

The suggestions for recovery from concussion are to rest, not stimulate yourself with electronics (tv, tablets, phones, etc) and to take it easy.

Have you ever tried telling an 11 year old boy to "take it easy?"

You'd think we'd have learned our lesson from last year when Haley was playing flag football or capture the flag or something flag-related and took a dive and got herself a concussion also!

Same recommendations for her, but her knock was a little more serious. Though we tried to get her to to go to school, she ended up staying home for a few days and missing some friends' birthday parties as a result.

For now, Riley tried going to school today. I guess he was feeling pretty good this morning, but ended up calling me around 10:30. Luckily I took the day off and he's home now, in his darkened bedroom, listening to an audiobook and taking it easy.

Marci and I have both had concussions as well, in our mid-teen years, but both from car accidents, none of this falling down BS.

Here's hoping Riley feels better soon.