Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The big day

Tomorrow is my dad's funeral. We've spent the past few days preparing for it. It's been emotional, but in a good way, with fond memories and a lot of laughter.

I've spent a lot of time with the other bros and SILs scanning photos and gathering thoughts. In a stunning development, my dear wife Marci is planning on speaking at the funeral. This would be akin to Indiana Jones becoming a snake charmer. Or Superman living on planet Krypton. Or oil mixing with water. You get the picture?

Anyway, I am about to write what I'm going to say. I have a feeling that I will lose it tomorrow.

We saw Dad again today. Took the kids to see him. Haley really wanted to see him, but she was clearly uncomfortable when she finally did see him. We asked if she was ok and she said she was, but I don't think she really was. Riley took it much more in stride, even reaching out to touch Dad's chest once.

We're expecting a lot of people tomorrow. Originally Mom wanted it to be family and close friends. That's blossomed to friends and ex-employees, to even friends of mine and my brothers. It seems that a lot of people were touched by Dad in many ways and they'll want to come pay their respects.

I'm actually looking forward to it somewhat, to get some closure, and to be able to share my thoughts with Dad, the family, and his friends. Much of what I'll say has been cultivated in talking with people this week, as well as writing here.

Anyway, keep us in your thoughts tomorrow.