Friday, September 19, 2008

Nice thoughts from an old friend

One of Knight's oldest and closest friends got back in touch with us via Facebook. Then he heard about Dad and sent flowers, as well as a little letter he wrote. It brings back memories going on 20 years old, and the funny thing is, I wouldn't have remembered any of them if it wasn't for Manny.

Chang Family:

When I first heard about the passing of your dad, I was really sad. My sadness came from reading Gwon’s Website on the events leading to your dad’s passing as well as being able to, somewhat, relate to how you all must be feeling right now. Although I didn’t get to know your dad very well, I’ve always had a great deal of respect for his accomplishments, his ambition, and the lifestyle he was able to create for all of you while we were growing up. It was always a treat visiting your house. Here are a few of the many memories I can recall:

• Watching TV or playing video games on the largest TV I’d ever seen in my life!
• Playing cool video games from China on a Chinese video game system with Dung and Knight (dodge ball)
• Rich & Dung, bodily functions, and a lighter.
• Movie nights at your house on the awesome Big Screen TV.
• Playing b-ball in your back yard and slam dunking (without the foot-stool…I wish)
• Hanging out at C&A on weekends after buying TAPES at Tower Records
• Listening to rap music in Knights awesome civic lx (the only LX I had ever seen with a sunroof).
• Your dogs Moo Moo and Casey
• Gwon being able to pick me up in his Subaru from Sherwin’s house when I was snowed in and could not drive my Capri home (I also hit a deer that night but don’t worry, my car got the worst of that collision while the deer just ran away)
• Hanging out at your other house right down the street from the main house and schooling you all in ping pong (I never did get to play your dad. I heard he was the champ at Boeing)
• Hanging out in the Den with lots of friends and lots of laughs!
• And these memories can go on and on and on!

A lot of my fondest middle school/high school memories with you all, I feel, were made possible by the environment your dad created at your household. It was always easy to go to Knight’s house. The door was always open (I mean it. I never really remember ringing the doorbell to enter your house) and the experiences were always memorable.

You guys may not know this, but about 2-3yrs ago your dad called me. He called to ask me, because of my medical background, if I would be interested in joining him in a Vitamin/Supplement company he was involved in. At the time, I was involved in other business projects so I was not interested (I think I was shocked that a man that I had so much respect for and who already had so much success would be calling me).But the thing that stuck with me, to this day, was what he said at the end of our conversation. He told me to keep doing what I was doing because it would help me to provide for and create a great future for myself and my family. Those words were so inspiring to me, especially, at that time in my life. It totally makes sense to me that he gave all of you the book “The Magic of Thinking Big” (awesome book by the way).

Being a parent myself, I can only hope to create for my kids what your dad was able to create for you all while growing up. It was definitely fun to be a part of. I’m truly sorry that he passed away. His words to me and his way of life inspire me to this day. My thoughts are with you all.



Manny, thanks for this. You brought a smile to my face, and, most likely, to Dad's too.