Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The more things change...

Dad spilled water into his computer recently. He was in TX, enjoying a cup of hot water, as he does (don't ask), when, poof, the bottom of the cup broke, spilling water into the bottom of his laptop, frying said laptop.

A new board would cost about $400 or so, so instead of fixing, I set him up with a new laptop from our inventory (we sell computers, fyi). I spent all afternoon yesterday and all morning today getting things as close to what he wanted as possible.

Like a good son, I took it over at lunch and set it up for him. I showed him how things worked, since it is a bit different on the hardware side, and left it with him.

A little while ago he called and told me the new computer was too heavy. It's a wide-screen, compared to a standard screen on the broken computer. I scolded him, saying he shouldn't be carrying it anyway, as he's so weak now. He said that he was referring to opening and closing the screen. I told him since it was stationary, to leave it open.

Then he said he just wanted his old computer back. :rolleyes:

So now, I'm scouring eBay to find a replacement chassis where I can simply insert his old hard drive.

Classic Dad for you.