Thursday, September 25, 2008

Making progress

Since Dad died, we've been spending a lot of time with Mom. As the days have passed, we're still going up to the house, but not as much. It helps that my brother and his family are staying with her, but they leave for Ireland on Sunday morning.

Mom has been pretty dang incredible. She's been by herself for parts of the days recently and she's been fine with it. Night time has been different, though. She's had Yumei stay up there with her when Dung and the family are unable to.

Tonight Dung, Ruby and the kids went to Ruby's mom's house for some facetime, leaving Mom alone at home. Dung and I arranged for me to go up there to keep her company until I had to go to band at about 8:45 or so. A little later, Mom called to tell me Dung said he probably wouldn't be able to get back by then. She then said she'd just keep the lights and TV on and she'd be ok. I told her I'd come up to keep her company til I had to go, but she said it wasn't necessary.

My mom is growing up! Sniff!

So we ended up having dinner and, though Mom was ok with hanging out solo, Marci went up to get a break from the kids and to use a massage chair (and to hang out with Mom too!).

It'll be good for the girls to hang out a bit. It's been very busy most of the times we've been over and for me or Marci or the kids to get some "alone" time with Mom is good.

We'll see what happens next week when Dung and family are gone. We'll probably go over more as it'll be less hectic, but we'll miss them terribly too. Once they go, it'll really be back to "real life", as it were.