Wednesday, September 03, 2008

In a rut

I'm uninspired to blog. Now that you've stopped applauding, I'll continue.

Not sure what it is. I get ideas, then I get lazy and don't feel like typing. So I'll just type.

Haley lost her first tooth yesterday. She's had a loose tooth for what seems like forever. The tooth behind it is popping in and we were getting a little concerned as the dentist has told us that her teeth are crammed in there supertight. She was wobbling it around yesterday and, poof, out it came. I'll have to put up a picture of Gap-Toothed Haley soon.

The teachers are on strike so Haley and Rye aren't going to school anytime soon. That's put a monkeywrench in things as it delays the start of the school routine, but, I suppose it's just bonus summer vacation at this point.

Haven't been playing music much lately. The Lunds have been on extended break. First it was a vacation, then a birthday, then a concert. We'll hook up next week, and then probably take another week off as it's Marci and my 8th anniversary. Yow.

All quiet on the Riley front lately. It's just a countdown for now. Keep an eye on his blog for updates.

Wow. How inspired was that?