Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More computer crap, starring Dad

Dad called me this morning. Said he hated the new laptop. It's too heavy. It's this, it's that. He really doesn't like it.

I get it.

So I've scoured ebay, checked Craigslist, and the best I can find is a similar laptop for about $350 or so. Then, inspiration.

Marci uses a T43. Dad has a T40. Swap the hard drives and, poof, Dad's got a laptop that is, for all intents and purposes, the same as his old one.

I called Dad to give him the update. He said ok. A few minutes he called and left me a message, saying that he really, really didn't like the new laptop. That if he disliked it so much, then Marci definitely wouldn't like it. He asked me to just find one on ebay/CL and go from there.

I decided not to call back, to go pick up the laptops later today to do the swapping. But he just called me again to make sure I got the message.

I told Dad that I had a free, quick way to get the problem solved, as noted above. He was adamant in not wanting to give Marci this new laptop. For some reason, he couldn't bear the fact that that crappy laptop would end up in her hands. He said the easiest solution would be to pay for a "new" used laptop and swap the drives. Well, that is easy, I suppose, but the other way could be done today.

Then he busted out the tired card, that he was too tired to argue with me about it. Wondering why I wouldn't just do what he said. Mom got on and said the same thing. I'm in the office, staring at the ceiling, feeling like chucking my phone out the door into the street. Finally, I relented. I'll track down a used unit.

Though, I suppose I could give him Marci's unit anyway and say I bought it used... hmmmm....