Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Went to see Mom & Dad at lunch today

I was bringing Dad his new laptop this morning. I went in the house and the first thing I saw was the absorbent pad on the couch. With his colon cancer, let's just say he's been prone to going to the bathroom a lot.

(There's really no pulling punches here, I suppose. When your body starts giving up, these things happen, right?)

Anyway, it was sad seeing those pads on the couch and chairs. I guess it keeps things easier to clean, but, needless to say, that's a bummer.

As I was setting up Dad's computer, he was in a chair and I was kneeling next to him with my head right about at his stomach level. It sounded like the 4th of July in there. Gurgling, bubbling, and sproinging sounds. Sounded miserable.

He also said he had a hard time hearing me. I may have been mumbling a little, but it was weird that he couldn't hear so well.

If he didn't have the frickin' cancer, it might be comical, like he's becoming an old man... but he does, and it's sad.

Mom appears to be in good spirits, considering. She's been a brave little trouper through all this. We try to keep her feelings in mind during all this, but I can't help but wonder what's going through her head.

At lunch, I was telling Marci about my visit and the kids were asking if Tai Yeh (what they call Dad) was still sick.

I told them yes.

They asked if he was going to get better.

I said that we hope so, but there's a chance he won't. That if he doesn't, his body will break down and he won't be around anymore.

Marci asked if they knew what that meant.

Haley said, yes, it means Tai Yeh will die.

It's sad. Though Haley gets it, I don't know if she knows death means forever. I wonder what she thinks.